Welcome, and thanks for visiting. This website is a fusion of three great passions: traveling, flying, and photography. I never aimed to create a website to showcase my work, but after amassing a range of photos it seemed natural to post them. Interested parties can now glimpse them at whim. For myself, I find it extremely rewarding to portray what is different and unique about other culture and places. The variety of what our world has to offer always presents new images and wonders. Exploring this world with a camera forces me to observe it more clearly and intimately. Fortunately, travel offers an inexhaustable range of new horizons and destinations to discover.

I have been shooting professionally for about six years now, although I’ve always carried a camera while traveling and until a few years ago, had always shot on slide film. Why slides? I guess because my Dad did. It was a treat as a child to be sat down with the family to see Dad’s slide shows, usually of our travels. In my earlier years it never occurred to me not to shoot slides. Happily that also happenned to be the professional standard of the time (which has changed entirely to digital photography) and it got me in the habit of shooting on quality film from very early on.